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My name is Carlo Teope and I started this blog in July 2016. Being born and raised in the Philippines, I know the struggles of having a third world passport.  I also have a perspective that honed me to be resilient through my losses, to find happiness in simple things, to see the world like I’ve seen colors for the first time, and to see beauty even in the most mundane. I’ve been travelling the world with my partner Nick and together we have experienced the highs and lows of visa applications, arrived in a foreign land without an itinerary, not done research about its local transportation, deciphered complicated transportation systems, got lost in a Japanese cemetery in Kyoto one dusky afternoon due to my poor sense of direction, and spoken to random people from different walks of life. Traveling has its fair share of challenges but it’s mostly life lessons and fun and I want to share this with my friends, family and YOU so I started Lakbaygram – The Pinoy Travelscope.

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snapseedLakbaygram is a portmanteau of “Lakbay” (a Filipino term for travel) and “Telegram” (like how the word “Instagram was derived). The goal of this blog is to let the readers experience the world from a third world perspective – from sorting your must-sees to helping you manage your travel funds.  I have been blessed to travel the world and this is my way of giving back to my readers.  Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey

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